Head of Data Strategy

Head of Data Strategy

  • Type: Permanent
  • Location: Head Office
  • Department: IT


Footasylum was established in 2005 and now trades from over 70 high street stores across the UK. Footasylum has made a name for itself as one of the leading retailers of fashion street wear and sportswear on the UK high street.

Apart from all that, we are an awesome place to work. We are passionate about retail, innovation and we are looking for the best talent to help us drive our company to the next stage.


Role and Responsibilities:
  • Empowering the business to make data informed decisions via data and education from one single source of the truth
  • Owning the strategy for data across FootAsylum
  • Management of the throughput of the data team
  • Breaking down complex problems into solutions the business can understand
  • Managing the relationship with Peak.AI
  • Creating and contributing to a fun, healthy, honest and happy team dynamic
  • Co-ordinating delivery of projects and features into service management
  • Breaking down work into the smallest viable components for delivery
  • Building relationships and trust with stakeholders across all areas to create a clear shared understanding of the expectations and the outcomes that will be achieved

Your profile:


  • Creating and implementing a data strategy
  • Mentoring and coaching a data team and business stakeholders
  • Leading teams through business growth and / or transformation
  • Creating a “fail fast” safe working environment that both challenges, educates and promotes excellent work
  • Experience of dimensional models, star schemas and OLAP cubes
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Running teams with agile, lean or Kanban


  • Developing solutions for retail, logistics or ecommerce
  • Working in teams where data is at the heart of the problem and solution
  • Adept at working with teams to implement pioneering new technology, creating scalable solutions and resolving complex technical issues

What we offer:

We are looking for a strategic leader to take our transformation to a data driven company to the next level. The role will have exposure to AI through our partnership with leading Peak.AI, leading specialists in AI and ML. We have already made great strides into data driven decisions with the successful implementation of our online and offline loyalty scheme, UNLCKD, and this role will capitalise on the great work the team has already completed.

You will own the backlog of work for the data team, which is comprised of development and analyst roles. You do not need a technical background as your responsibility is to clearly define the strategy needed to allow teams access to essential data that they need to make decisions, then create and manage the backlog of the work your team to deliver.

If you had been leading a team of analysts, working as part of commercial insights or have responsibility for web analytics, then this would be the next step in your career development. You will be a great people person who can instil the need for data driven results across the whole business.

You are the kind of person that understands that business agility is underpinned by an excellent data strategy. Your top priority has always been to enable businesses to have access to the information they require to make decisions quickly in an ever changing and competitive retail market. You’ve coached and mentored data teams and have treated data as a competency across businesses. You are not afraid to try new techniques based on studying how other companies have managed and manipulated business intelligence at scale. You are constantly learning and sharing knowledge with others.

Seeing people copy and paste data into Excel to create reports gives you a cold sweat. You strive to minimise the amount of time needed to get people the right and relevant information. You make sure people don’t bring opinion to a data fight!